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Friday, January 9, 2009

Thai cuisine has gained popularity worldwide for its fresh flavors, ingredients and healthy low-fat cooking, for help visit www.cat biscuit.com-header. At one time, the revenue of Thailand were divided between those of the royal court (which have been kept secret) and those of commoners. Now, every day of the royal revenue and Metis, but there are still important regional differences.

In northern Thailand is in favor of sticky rice steamed rice and more it is molded into small balls with your fingers and soak up liquid dishwashing. North have a mild curry, more than herbal quality in the south. Curries are flavored with ginger, tamarind and turmeric. Canned fruits and vegetables are accompaniments. The traditional meal served at the reception in the north is a Khantok dinner. Khan Tok meaning bowl and a little round table. Customers sit on the floor around the table and help themselves to a variety of dishes which are May rice, fried chicken, curry, a dish of minced meat and a salad. The north is famous for longan (a lychee fruit), in season.

In southern coconut in many elements of local culture and the dishes of cashew nuts are eaten as snacks or sauteed chicken and dried chillies. As you wait in May, there is an abundance of seafood Around the Gulf of Thailand are the shellfish farming and so they are very cool. Whole fish are sometimes put on the table a lot of poaching experienced in coal stock of more than one burner. The result is pleasantly aromatic rather than intensely spicy.

However, the type of cuisine that we are more familiar from the central region of Thailand and early 13th century when the first independent Thai capital is located in Sukhothai. The basic diet consists of rice, fish and vegetables flavored with black pepper and fish sauce, with fresh fruit. If the authority then transferred south to Ayuthaya other ingredients such as cilantro, lime and tomato were added to food, with what has become an essential element - the spice. Other influences come from India, Japan, Persia and China.

Thai cooking classes

Northern Thailand

The internationally renowned Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School is owned and managed by Sompon Nabnian, Thailand head of international TV, and his wife Elizabeth. Studied and packages are offered at the Jasmine Rice Village, which is managed by the owners of the Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School to help visit www.150-deer-recipes.com. "A half-hour drive from downtown Chiang Mai, Jasmine Rice Village Boutique Resort and Spa offers a unique experience for visitors in search of peace, cultural authenticity and comfort during their stay in Northern Thailand ".

1-5 days are offered. One day class costs 990 baht (33 USD) per person.

Southern Thailand

A Mom Tri's Boathouse Phuket, Gourmet Executive Chef Tummanoon Punchun share the secrets of great Thai cuisine popular in all the workshops that took place Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to about 14:00. The course includes a folder of recipes, an apron and Boathouse lunch. Excellent range of the station housing is available.

2 school days costs 3200 baht (105 USD) per person.

Central Thailand

Bangkok, The Thai House is forty minute boat ride through the villages along Klong Bangkok Noi. Belonging to a Thai family, this beautiful traditional teak house is surrounded by gardens with tropical fruit trees and its own herb garden. Homestay accommodation is available in the rooms around a courtyard of the floor. Pip, your instructor, learned to cook from the highest authority - from his mother.

1-3 days are offered. One day class costs 3500 baht (115 USD) per person

A typical day at the Thai House includes:
  • An introduction to herbs and spices Thai
  • Aperitif: Larbi Moo - A salad of pork spicy Thai
  • Tom Yam Kung soup - hot and sour shrimp soup
  • Lunch Dish: Phad Thai - Thai fried noodles
  • Main dishes: Kaeng Ka-Ri Kai - chicken curry yellow and Paneang Nua - Coconut Beef Curry


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