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Friday, January 9, 2009

Horapha. Kaphrao and maenglak are varieties of basil, more and more of about 40 cm high. Horapha seems closest to the basil used in dishes with tomato pesto and Italian. eaten by the Genoese sauce with pasta and also used as a flavoring for soups assistance visit www.bread bakers Horapha is used here as a vegetable and flavors. Kaphrao leaves are narrower and often tinged with red-purple. The release of the aroma and flavor to cooked and used in combination with fish, beef and chicken. Maenglak leaves are slightly hairy and pale that horapha. It is sometimes lemon-scented basil, but a peppery taste when chewed, it is very similar to the Italian and dwarf basil is used as a vegetable and flavors. The seeds (Luk maenglak) are used in desserts, are gelatinous when soaked in water for a few minutes. In countries where these fresh sweet basil is not available, growth has dried, you are useless, and all three are easy to grow from seed. In temperate climates, May they be grown outdoors in the summer in full sun or in pots in the kitchen window the rest of the year

Currency; bai saranae; Mentha arvensis. This workshop is similar to the mint leaves for mint sauce in England and is used here as a vegetable and flavors.

Pepper; phrik thai, Piper nigrum. Black pepper is milder, but more than the aromatic white pepper. Green peppercorns are delicious fresh aromatic taste of their own and are available all year round, but his best at the end of the rainy season.

Chilis; phrik: Capsicum spp. Scientists believe that the peppers are from Central America and were taken to India and the Far East by the Portuguese in the 16th century. They are called "ship of pepper in India to distinguish between indigenous pepper, Piper nigrum phrik or thai. It means that Thai food was chili-hot as the last 400 years. Many Thais, including one of our botany, cautious to accept, arguing that the May pepper on the Asia-Pacific or even peppers from Central Asia and hit by Mongoloid people to the New World to visit www. bread machine. They shall that the peppers are known and used for centuries in medicine and a condiment, to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol.

As for the arguments are more than ten kinds of peppers in the local markets and range in size pepperiness. The smallest and most hot KHI now phrik of nature that has now phrik KHI Suan is the hottest. Phrik chi fa are finger size and red in May green or yellow. Both are Capsicum frutescens peppers. Greater. Capsicum year phrik yuak is light and used as stuffing. Another popular variety in Chiang Mai is phrik graves. The bell peppers or are not used in Thai cooking, but are used as substitutes. In recent years a new chilli was imported from Mexico asked phrik KHI Kaset that now more than our native pod phrik KHI now.

Garlic; krathiani: Allium sativum. Garlic can buy in quantity and should be suspended at the stems. It is easier to peel the garlic cloves after the crash with the side of a knife. For the garlic oil. a handful of finely chopped garlic, and fry in hot oil until golden lot. The oil and fried garlic can be stored in a jar to fill Gang children and start them with noodles and rice. Pickled Garlic: krathiam dang, marinated in Vinci taste with a little sugar can be purchased at almost all markets.


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