Fryer Time to Cook the Turkey Recipe

Friday, January 9, 2009

When you think of cooking a Thanksgiving dinner, you're used to the image slowly brown a turkey in a hot oven. Even if this is true for most, there are other ways to cook a turkey. If you prepare a big dinner, you may not have the room or the time to let a turkey in the oven for three hours. You may not be the ideal time to cook is Thanksgiving. These problems can be solved with one of two options: a turkey fryer or a deep fryer.

Turkey Fryers

A turkey fryer is a series on a stockpot burner. These fryers can be used for cooking food such as shrimp and lobster, and corn-on-the-cob and other vegetables. You can also fry chicken, for more information, visit fried chicken and other foods you drool. The companies include various components and accessories for turkey fryers. Some turkey fryers in your kitchen.

The Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer MBTF30 (also known as Big Tom Turkey Fryer) runs on liquid propane. It includes a gas stove with a steel stand and cast iron burner Type 1 regulator hose. The 30-quart aluminum pot will hold up to 18 pounds of tasty turkey. The Big Tom also comes with a basket with clips perforated drainage, a 12-inch stainless steel thermometer and a lifting hook. Also sells the Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer M30BV, which is the same as the Big Tom except that it includes its own Masterbuilt Turkey Tap - a drain valve to empty the fryer a little easier.

Another brand of turkey fryers is Bayou Classic, which specializes in cooking items. The Bayou Classic Stainless Steel 1195 Turkey Fryer has all the bells and whistles that any fan of fried turkey might need. Bayou Classic 1195 comes with a stainless steel burner and a 32-quart stockpot with vented lid. The pot will hold a turkey that weighs up to 25 pounds, for more details visit is a big turkey! The Bayou Classic in 1195 also includes a 29-inch pipe to the regulator / hose / valve assembly to work with the fryer gas set-up. The basket is slightly raised and is perforated for drainage. Other accessories are a perforated poultry rack and acquisitions, a collection of three plays, a 12-inch and a thermometer 1 oz trial seasoning injector. The fryer also comes with an outdoor patio stove, etc. Thanksgivings hottest, you can cook outside, freeing up more space in the kitchen.


Fryers are another option if you want to fry a turkey. Not much editing is required for these Fryers - for oil in the pot, taking in the fryer, and mix in your turkey. Fryer can be smaller than turkey fryers, they can sit on your desk or a table in a room adjacent to the kitchen.

The Presto 05411 Granpappy Deep Fryer is a simple fryer. It consists of a melting pot of aluminum that contains six cups of oil, which provides about six servings of food. Plug in the fryer and a stable temperature is maintained without control. The fryer Granpappy a non-stick surface inside and outside, and the lid snaps to facilitate the storage of fat.

Masterbuilt covered their bases in both the turkey fryers and deep fryers. The Masterbuilt 20010406 Deep Fryer parameters of a digital temperature control inside and aluminum pot that holds 28 quarters (or 14 pounds of turkey). A basket with a clip is expected to make food search easier, and like many Masterbuilt turkey fryers, Turkey has 20010406 Press the drain valve to make cleaning faster.

Hamilton Beach is also gobbling up attention to the fryer market. Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch 35020 Deep Fryer is safe and easy to use when frying your turkey. It is considered splatter and cool to the touch. In addition to these security features, the Cool-Touch 35020 has a breakaway cord. Just in case scooted fryer or falls on the side, the cord is pulled with it. Included is a non-stick, 8-cup, dishwasher pot. Another advantage is an adjustable heat and kitchen.


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